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Law Library Improvement Works

We are undertaking some Building works on level -1 Forum Library for the remainder of the summer vacation. Some works will be noisy and we are therefore recommending that levels 0 and +1 are preferred for study/research during this time.  All library stock will remain accessible throughout the work, although a fetching service will be in place for two weeks for Law Library materials, in order to facilitate ventilation works.  Full details below.

1. Law Library – Closure for Ventilation Works

Dates: Monday 18th July – Sunday 31st July 2016

During this period, work will be taking place in the Law Library area to improve the ventilation system. This will ensure more pleasant environmental conditions for study and research for the coming term.  Our student user feedback has highlighted the need for these improvements to take place.

You should be aware that:

  • The Law Library area will be closed to library users from Monday 18th July – Sunday 31st July 2016
  • During this period we will operate a fetching service for stock at various points during the day.  This will ensure continued access to all materials throughout the works. Users can ask at the Library Reception desk, phone or email us with requests
    • Phone: 01392 723867
    • Email:
    • In person: at Library Reception Point
  • Some of the works will involve floor drilling so will be noisy in the areas adjacent to Law Library on Level -1.  We recommend that library users make use of study space on Levels 0 and +1 for the duration of the works.


2. Law Library Study Booths Area – Closure for Refurbishment

Dates: Monday 1st August – Beginning of term

  • The Law library study booths area (adjacent to the Library Courtyard) on Level -1 will be closed from 1st August 2016 over the summer vacation for refurbishment.
  • The newly refurbished space will reopen in time for the new academic session.
  • Student feedback has highlighted that the current use of the space is less than optimal as booths are monopolised for long periods of time, causing problems at busy periods.
  • The space will be reworked to provide a different study space layout to address this issue and also to accommodate some bookable space in order to improve shared student access and use of the space.
  • Some noisy work will take place during this refurbishment and we recommend that users make use of  study space on Levels 0 and +1 for the duration of the works.

If you need any assistance to locate or access materials or study space during these works, please see Library staff or contact


What do you think about the EU Referendum?

The Polish Society, Diplomatic Hub, Exeter branch of the European Movement and Students4Europe are organising a one-day conference focused on the shape of the European Union following the UK referendum.

“Boundaries of Europe” will be held on Saturday, 12th March from 11 to 3.30 in the Alumni Auditorium in the Forum

Regardless of which side you support in the argument about Brexit make sure you come along for what is going to be a very comprehensive event. It’s open to students and local residents.

If you want a bit more background have a look at our guide to Researching EU law and policy


House of Commons Parliamentary Papers – improved interface

The University has access to the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database and it is accessible through the library catalogue and the electronic library.  This is a great research resource and it is now migrating to a new platform in order to make searching much easier.

At the moment both the old service and the new service are running – so if you are an experienced user of the old system you have some crossover time in order to become familiar with the new search interface before the old familiar one is switched off.  The old ‘legacy’ interface will continue until March 2016.  Once the transition is complete, the service will be renamed as ProQuest U.K. Parliamentary Papers.

Login to the service from the library catalogue or the electronic library.  and choose the Proquest Government Platform link at the top of the page to view the new interface.

ProquestSome of the improvements introduced under the new platform include:

  • Faster, more intuitive searching
  • Post-search faceting to get to relevant documents
  • Full-text PDFs (rather than individual page images)
  • Bookmarking of search forms
  • Dedicated Search by Number form including searches for bills, Command Papers, and Sessional Paper numbers
  • Dedicated Member search form including search by office, party affiliation, and nation (England, Wales, Scotland etc)

A LibGuide is available to help you make the most of the new interface.  The search syntax  section outlines all the search functions that you can use to frame a search tailored to your research need such as wildcards, phrase searching, and boolean and proximity operators.

If you need any further guidance just get in touch with your .

What’s included in the Maritime & Commercial package on

See below for a reminder of all the resources available to you via’s Maritime and Practice Area.

Subscription services include:

Over 40 books including:

The i-law team are on hand to assist with any queries you may have, and to provide any training or support you require.

Contact our Client Services Team via email: or call +44 (0) 207 017 7701.If you need help to make use of these resources you can contact the team.

You can also book onto one of the regular training sessions using our online training calendar.We offer training videos that will take you through a variety of functionality, and you can access the user guide at any time.

And don’t forget we have access to the the Insurance and Reinsurance and Dispute Resolution Practice Areas too, providing access to a wide range of similar quality resources.

For access to, use the library catalogue link or login via the electronic library.  Guidance on logging on for the first time is available from the e-resources blog.

Westlaw Books: many more titles available

As of 1st December 2015, the full text book and looseleaf collection available to you on Westlaw has been boosted.  Over 200 titles are  now available for browsing and searching.

For access, login to Westlaw UK via the Electronic Library, or through the catalogue link and click on Books.


You will see a long list of material available to you in full text.  You can click on individual titles and browse or search for content.


Or select a Subject Area if you would like to search across a range of titles in a particular field such as Contract, Crime, Insurance etc.

Westlaw’s Book and Looseleaf brochure gives you an idea of subject coverage and title availability.

International Legal Materials on Westlaw

westlaw2Westlaw have introduced a new service for accessing international legal materials.

The new service is called WestlawNext and is intended as more user friendly platform to make your international research more efficient and effective.

Access the service via the Westlaw entry on the Library catalogue.  You have both on campus and off campus options available to you for login.

If you experience any problems with off campus access, please use the VPN service which will enable you to connect to the University campus network from offsite.  You can then use the on campus links for access as your VPN enabled computer will operate as if it is on the University IP network,  Full instructions on accessing the University network from other locations with VPN are available.

The new service is available by selecting International Materials from the Services menu on the top menus bar  of Westlaw UK.


You will be able to see two links under the services tab on Westlaw UK for Westlaw International and International Materials over the next few weeks, but from 18 December 2015 access to the current Westlaw International platform will no longer be available.

Training Resources

Getting Started with Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Westlaw Next) – Userguide

Getting Started with Thomson Reuters Westlaw (Westlaw Next) – Video

Improvements to Lexis®Library


A number of changes are scheduled for Lexis®Library.

These changes take effect on Saturday 5th December 2015.*

The update will bring a number of cosmetic changes enabling easier searching and presenting results in a clearer format. There are also significant improvements to the search results and better integration between LexisLibrary and LexisPSL. Please see the attached document LexisLibrary – Academic User Guide for updated guidance.


A more intuitive search experience.
The Explore search box moves to the heart of the homepage and includes content filters.

A tidier, bigger, better display of results.
Single results list opens up the page, with filtering in one place and the option to deliver multiple documents.

The option to search across ALL subscribed UK legal content.
In one place for the first time, including both LexisLibrary and LexisPSL content included in the search results.

Glossary searches move to the home page
Get quick access to over 3,300 legal terms.

Dominion Law Reports Online

We now have access to the Dominion Law Reports Online.  You can access the series via the link on the library catalogue.

The services is provided by Carswell and Canada Law Book online and you login with your usual IT services username and password.  Choose Dominion Law Reports from the listing – shown highlighted below.


Then you can either browse for the material you want or run a search.  Note the highlighted areas below for browsing and search options.


Browse Table of Contents

You may use the table of contents to browse for a case or a section that you wish to review. Click on the Table of Contents tab which appears on the left side of the screen. You can then expand the menu by clicking on the small “+” symbol, or collapse the menu by clicking on the “-” symbol.


Catchlines Search

This form will search for term(s) in the index documents. Index documents consist of a collection of catchlines from similarly classified cases, including a link to the full-text judgment. To search, you can enter a word or phrase, and/or a court, and/or a date range and click ‘search’.

The ‘or search’ check box option allows you to expand your search to include search results for at least one of your terms. The ‘phrase search’ check box option will treat your search terms as a phrase.

To show words around hits, select the number of words to include in the pull-down box.

Case Law Search
The Case Law Search will search for term(s) within the cases. To search the Case Law, you can enter a word or phrase, and/or a court, and/or a judge, and/or a date range and click ‘search’.

The ‘or search’ check box allows you to broaden your search to find cases in which at least one of your search terms appears. The ‘phrase search’ check box will treat your search terms as a phrase.

To show words around hits, select the number of words to include in the pull-down box.

Case Name Search
The Case Name Search allows you to locate a case by party name. If you know the name of the case, simply enter the name in the box provided and click ‘search’. A ‘date range’ option is also provided to further narrow the search to a specific date range, as there can be cases with the same name.

Citation Search
The citation search allows you to go to a particular case or page of a case. Simply enter the Volume number, Page number, choose the relevant series from the pull-down menu and then click ‘search’.

Advanced Search
This option allows you to narrow your search to a particular folder, case or section. When you select the Advanced Search form, the Table of Contents will display check boxes next to the headings. The check boxes allow you to limit your search to the folders or sections that you wish to search. Simply enter the words you wish to search for, check the appropriate box(es) in the Table of Contents and click ‘search’.

The Advanced Search includes a Query Syntax Summary to help you enter your query correctly.

To show words around hits, select the number of words to include in the pull-down box.

DLR in print

We have access to print versions of the DLR up to Volume 375 of the Fourth Series in the Lasok Law Library – all subsequent volumes will be available online only.

A number of free resources are also available if you are interested in additional Canadian Case Law.  The CanlII  and the Lexum online services are recommended.

The CanLII website provides access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

The Lexum collection contains the Supreme Court of Canada judgments since its creation in 1875 and judgments in leave applications since 2006. The collection is updated within minutes of the public release of the judgments by the Court.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey: 1674 – 1913

GSSlide3The Old Bailey Proceedings Online are a rich research resource,  making available a fully searchable, digitised collection of all surviving editions of the Old Bailey Proceedings from 1674 to 1913, and of the Ordinary of Newgate’s Accounts between 1676 and 1772. It allows access to over 197,000 trials and biographical details of approximately 2,500 men and women executed at Tyburn. Access is available free of charge for non-commercial use.

In addition to the text, accessible through both keyword and structured searching, the website provides digital images of all 190,000 original pages of the Proceedings, 4,000 pages of Ordinary’s Accounts, advice on methods of searching this resource, information on the historical and legal background to the Old Bailey court and its Proceedings, and descriptions of published and manuscript materials relating to the trials covered.

Full details about the project which was developed through a collaboration between the Universities of Hertfordshire and Sheffield and the Open University, and was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Big Lottery Fund is available online.

If your research relates to historical issues of crime, justice or punishment then you will want to explore this resource.  You can search by name and also by crime, verdict or punishment.  Online research guides are available to help you search effectively. The Getting Started guide will help you jump in and start exploring.

The trials contain much information of relevance to social and cultural historians as well as legal and criminological scholars.

Financial Times online

The Financial Times is a major source of information, not only for business students but also for a wide range of other subject areas.

All Exeter University staff and students have access to the online version, The FT publishes in depth coverage of UK and international business, finance, economic and political news. It also contains comment and analysis from leading journalists and insight into management trends and new developments. It contains the full content of all information published in the Financial Times since 2004. If you want to research earlier years, use The Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2007, a complete searchable facsimile of the printed edition.

Getting started
Go to the Electronic Library and select Law or Business under subject or Newspapers under resource type and find in the A-Z listing. Log in with your University of Exeter username and password

The first time you use FT.Com you will need to Register.

  • Click on Sign up
  • Enter your University email address and select the option “No, I am a new user. “
  • Click on Continue.

Fill in the form on the next screen and tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions, then click on Continue.

  • You will get a confirmation that you have successfully registered.
  • Click on Browse to go back to the search screen

You will need to sign in with your email address and the password you have just created whenever you use If you use the link from the Electronic Library or the library catalogue you will have direct access. You can set up shortcuts but if these stop working try clearing cookies.

Searching and browsing
You can search for articles by using the box in the top right of the home page or browse the latest news in UK and international business from the different categories displayed on the banners at the top of the screen. Run your mouse over a heading to browse different sectors, geographies and companies. Some of the most important sections are listed below:

Coverage includes performance of individual companies, their management teams, shareholders and financial plans.

The FT provides global news coverage of the financial markets covering equities (by region), currencies, capital markets and commodities. Commentary and analysis is delivered throughout the day.

Lex is a premium daily commentary service from the Financial Times. It includes blogs and videos.

Special Reports
The Financial Times produces over 20 special reports each month, reporting on the issues, trends and events affecting different countries and industries.

FT epaper is an exact digital replica of the printed newspaper – available from 6am London time in 5 separate editions: UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East. You can also use the archive versions to search across previous editions.

Keep track of the performance of your investments, or companies you’re interested in, by using the portfolio tool. It’s a good way of graphically showing relevant news stories and how they relate to the companies or investments you’re monitoring. You can also chart portfolio holdings against different benchmarks and create alerts. 

Press cuttings
Subscribers often want to be informed about news articles when they appear in the FT newspaper. With FT Press Cuttings, you can search and view pdfs of news articles as they appeared in the FT newspaper. You can also set up alerts and send links or full text articles to colleagues or clients. To find articles from the print edition go to Search print editions and select Advanced search to find a specific article.

Tools Go to the Tools menu to set up clippings lists or to register for briefings or alerts

Videos The FT also produces a wide range of videos to bring the news to life. These are also available on the Financial Times YouTube channel.

Mobile Access to
You can access FT news and analysis on your mobile phone or tablet device. Get the FT app for the iPad and iPhone  via your browser rather than from an app store.

Help and Guidance Guides and videos are available to help you make the most of, including:

or you can contact the direct via their email: