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Funds Available for Open Access Publishing

Do you need to publish your paper on Open Access?

We have a grant from the Wellcome Trust  to pay for the costs of publishing papers arising from research funded by the Wellcome Trust on Open Access. If you have paid to publish Wellcome research on Open Access recently, or plan to, please let us know as we may be able either to fund or reimburse these costs.

You can find out more about how the University is helping researchers meet funders’ Open Access policy requirements from the Library web site: http://as.exeter.ac.uk/library/resources/openaccess/ .

We also have a subscription to BioMed Central (covering full costs of publication) and a smaller amount of money to cover the costs of publishing in other journals.  The funds currently available are under review and we hope they will be increased in future to help a wider range of researchers to comply with funder policies.

If you have any Open Access queries at all, please get in touch with , the Open Access Manager, or contact .