Neri Avraham

The first strokes of brush on the canvas, or first lines on the drawing paper are like the first chords in music- nothing yet are known.

Sometimes nothing works; I take away the color paints, clean the palette. It is not my day.

But sometimes, on an ordinary day, out of nowhere, suddenly arrives a wave of creativity. Everything around me stops to exist . All the rest is no longer important. I live through the picture, brush stroke after brush stroke. I live through the process of creating the picture and move forward. The composition takes form and emerges from the canvas.

I am interested in playing with the colors to see what happens. I create images seeking only the harmony and happiness of creation. I like art. I like to paint with an acrylic, infinite images of flowers, buildings, water, and cities. I take in the colors of nature and express my wonder of the world around me, where nature meets man.

Art is a way for me to share how I feel.

Art, for me, is simply being.

Painting allows me to become comfortable with uncertainty and the unpredictability of our sometimes confusing and chaotic world.