Pamela Williamson

Pamela Williamson - Dolphins 3 Pamela Williamson - Dolphins 2 Pamela Williamson - Dolphins suspended

Pamela Williamson is a 23 year old artist with autism. She resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her parents.

Pamela’s artistic talents became evident around the age of 6 when she started illustrating her own stories and making her own animation clips.
Birds quickly became her favourite still subjects with penguins on the top of the list.
Digital art has been her main focus, but she also uses pencil, watercolour, acrylic and oils. Her more recent works centre around sealife, flowers and animals of Australia, as well as birds.
Pamela is primarily a self taught artist, but she has taken courses at a local college.
She has also received many awards and her work has been noticed by artists such as Robert Bateman (Canadian) and Wyland (American).

Pamela aspires to be a renowned artist herself one day so that she can live more independently