Steve Selpal


I live in the USA in Palm Bay, Florida about 20 miles from Cape Canaveral where NASA is located. We can see frequent rocket launches.
This year I turned 65 years old.
I like to watch animals, especially wild animals like raccoons. I like to please people by doing artworks that they have requested me to do.
Sometimes it’s challenging.
That leaves the subject matter actually open to question, where I have to adapt to every situation and overcome any personal barriers that I may still have about the subject matter in question.
When I was young this was difficult.
Throughout my life, I had persevered through subsequent stages of favorite subject matter in my artwork.
These stages usually last more than ten years. This is like being fixated on something for years.
When I start to change, I can’t really explain anything about it other than I am no longer interested in the old other and now I have found a new interest in this new subject.

My life inside my mind has always been enriched with a constant flood of mental images, which mostly proved to be a detriment unless I could apply my concentration to some form of art.

Art is really a survival mechanism to me.