Introducing the World Treaty Library

WTLThe University has access to the World Treaty Library via Hein Online.  You can access it via the library catalogue or the Electronic Library.

Here is a flavour of this great new resource:

 “Various efforts have been put forth over the past decades to create a universal collection of all the treaties of the world. We have created a solution. Now for the first time, through the cooperation of Tufts University, Brill Publishing, the United Nations, and various others, you will be able to search across all the major treaties in the world in one database.

We are pleased to present HeinOnline’s World Treaty Library. This monumental collection brings together works from Rohn, Dumont, Wiktor, and Martens to create the richest collection of world treaties ever available, covering the time period from 1648 to the present.

All together more than 180,000 treaty records have been identified. Through in-depth indexing of all the treaties and cross citation linking, we have created a powerhouse search tool. Use it to locate treaties using such fields as keyword, country, treaty number, treaty type, party, subject, and many more!”

To find out more about the content coverage and how to search, see the quick reference guide, brochure or training video available via Hein.

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