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Coming soon: improved electronic document delivery from the British Library

The British Library have recently launched a new improved service for delivering journal articles and book chapters electronically. We’ll be adopting it from 1st September 2015.

We’re already used to fulfilling your Document Supply (inter-library loan) requests electronically as much as possible. Electronic supply allows for much faster delivery, which we know is important when it comes to getting you the materials you need for your research. Currently, in order to download inter-library loans you need to install the File Open plugin on your computer. This software ensures all requests are compliant with copyright law and locks the article so it can only be viewed on one machine.  Although it serves its purpose, the process of installing this software can be fiddly, especially on shared machines, so – like many other institutions -we’ve been asking for an easier and less restrictive option for some time. And now The British Library have unveiled one.

From 1st September 2015 we’ll be delivering article and chapter requests to you via The British Library’s Open On Demand service, DRM-lite.

Benefits of DRM-Lite:

  • No need to install plugins or special software, access documents on any device with Adobe Reader
  • PC, laptop, tablet: open your document as many times and on as many different devices as you need to
  • Saving is permitted and each document can also be printed twice
  • The same speedy delivery as the old service
Courtesy of FreeImages.com/ Karl Mooney

Create a British Library On Demand Account now for quick and easy electronic delivery

How do I get articles via Open On Demand?

  • The process of requesting an inter-library loan is exactly the same as before. Requests cost £13.50 or one token and should be made via our online order form.
  • Before you can view your article you will need to have registered for an On Demand account with The British Library. Registering is free, just takes a few minutes and will only need to be done the first time. Once your account is set up you can use your username and password to access all the articles that have been supplied to you.
  • If you are likely to be making use of our Document Supply service in the coming months why not register now so that you are all set up ready to start receiving documents?  Please note you will need to create an On Demand account even if you already hold a British Library Reader pass.  Click here to register now.

We’ll send full instructions for to register and download your items when we send your documents.

Article requests fulfilled before 1st September will continue to use the File Open system but we’re looking forward to saying so long to plugins and hello to this new, simplified, copyright compliant service.

Document Delivery Price Increase

Please be aware that the cost of our Document Delivery (Inter-Library Loans) service will rise from 1st August 2015 to £13.50 per ILL request. The cost of renewals remains frozen at £6.00 per renewal. This increase is due to the rising cost of the service from the British Library.

Flying Books

Not sure what Document Delivery is?

If an item is not available at Exeter University Library, you can request an Inter-library Loan. The Library will make the request on your behalf and will borrow books and or request PDFs of  journal articles and book chapters from other libraries in the United Kingdom and from abroad. Access the online request form here.

Inter Library Loans Price Increase in Line with British Library

From the 1st August 2013 the British Library will once again be increasing their charges for Inter Library Loans (ILLs).  We have been subsidising this service for several years and this annual increase has reached a stage where we are now unable to afford to maintain this subsidy. Alongside this other lending libraries will be raising their prices in line with the British Library meaning also increased charges for borrowing from elsewhere.

So in consequence we are now forced to raise our charge for ILLs for the first time in five years.

We have decided to have a two year staged increase in pricing in order to try and minimise the impact on our users, so from 1st August 2013 we will increase our charge to £10.50 per ILL request and £5.00 per renewal. Then in Summer 2014 the price will again rise to £12.50 to take us in line with British Library charging.  Subsequently it will rise incrementally in line with BL pricing.

We also want to draw your attention to the upcoming trial during the Summer of a new online ILL request service. This will make it possible to order and pay for your ILLs without visiting the library in person, and (in the case of articles) to have them delivered electronically to your desktop.  We hope that this will offer a much easier and higher quality service to our users, particularly distance learners and researchers.

If you have any questions or feedback then please contact Carol Giles