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Take a Break – Don’t Take the Mick

We know that the Forum Library can get very busy during peak times of day, especially as deadlines or exams approach. You’ve told us that it causes problems when other Library users take up more than one space or “save seats” by leaving their belongings and then going away.

In response, we worked closely with the Student’s Guild Representatives and with individual students to come up with guidelines for using study seats in our Library spaces.


What to do:

When taking a break of up to 45 minutes: please always leave a card, fill in the time you left and be sure to return on time.

If you will be gone longer than 45 minutes: please clear your desk so that others can use the space.

Remember the Library is a public space! Never leave valuables unattended; always take them with you.

If you find a desk that has been left unattended for over 45 minutes then you have permission to move any belongings to the side and use the space.

Each card can be reused multiple times. 



This is a student-led scheme. Let’s work together to uphold these guidelines and make the most of shared library spaces.

Coming soon: improved electronic document delivery from the British Library

The British Library have recently launched a new improved service for delivering journal articles and book chapters electronically. We’ll be adopting it from 1st September 2015.

We’re already used to fulfilling your Document Supply (inter-library loan) requests electronically as much as possible. Electronic supply allows for much faster delivery, which we know is important when it comes to getting you the materials you need for your research. Currently, in order to download inter-library loans you need to install the File Open plugin on your computer. This software ensures all requests are compliant with copyright law and locks the article so it can only be viewed on one machine.  Although it serves its purpose, the process of installing this software can be fiddly, especially on shared machines, so – like many other institutions -we’ve been asking for an easier and less restrictive option for some time. And now The British Library have unveiled one.

From 1st September 2015 we’ll be delivering article and chapter requests to you via The British Library’s Open On Demand service, DRM-lite.

Benefits of DRM-Lite:

  • No need to install plugins or special software, access documents on any device with Adobe Reader
  • PC, laptop, tablet: open your document as many times and on as many different devices as you need to
  • Saving is permitted and each document can also be printed twice
  • The same speedy delivery as the old service
Courtesy of Karl Mooney

Create a British Library On Demand Account now for quick and easy electronic delivery

How do I get articles via Open On Demand?

  • The process of requesting an inter-library loan is exactly the same as before. Requests cost £13.50 or one token and should be made via our online order form.
  • Before you can view your article you will need to have registered for an On Demand account with The British Library. Registering is free, just takes a few minutes and will only need to be done the first time. Once your account is set up you can use your username and password to access all the articles that have been supplied to you.
  • If you are likely to be making use of our Document Supply service in the coming months why not register now so that you are all set up ready to start receiving documents?  Please note you will need to create an On Demand account even if you already hold a British Library Reader pass.  Click here to register now.

We’ll send full instructions for to register and download your items when we send your documents.

Article requests fulfilled before 1st September will continue to use the File Open system but we’re looking forward to saying so long to plugins and hello to this new, simplified, copyright compliant service.

Document Delivery Price Increase

Please be aware that the cost of our Document Delivery (Inter-Library Loans) service will rise from 1st August 2015 to £13.50 per ILL request. The cost of renewals remains frozen at £6.00 per renewal. This increase is due to the rising cost of the service from the British Library.

Flying Books

Not sure what Document Delivery is?

If an item is not available at Exeter University Library, you can request an Inter-library Loan. The Library will make the request on your behalf and will borrow books and or request PDFs of  journal articles and book chapters from other libraries in the United Kingdom and from abroad. Access the online request form here.

Think Recall! Your guide to summer borrowing

The end of term is fast approaching! If you’re taking off for the Summer then from all of us at the Library, have a great time and enjoy the break! But don’t forget our Libraries will be open every day throughout the summer and that our loan rules continue to apply as normal throughout the vacation period.

What does this mean for you?

This means for the many students and staff who arrive or choose to stay in Exeter during holiday periods we are here and open to provide support, study space and the resources you need. If you are going away from Exeter you are welcome to take books with you (although we advise against taking Library resources abroad) but do keep in mind that you will be responsible for renewing any items you borrow regularly throughout the vacation. You can do this online by logging in to your Library record.  Please remember also that books can still be recalled by other library users.

How do recalls work? 

If a book on loan to you is requested by another Library user, you will get an email informing you of this and providing a new date by which to return it. So it is important you check your email regularly if you are borrowing stock during the holidays. Recalled books cannot be renewed and may be due earlier than the original due date. With normal loan books, you should get a week within which to return the item. This should be sufficient time to return the items by UK post if necessary and you are welcome to do this.

Our recall policy exists to ensure fair access to our stock for all library users, so don’t forget if the books you need are on loan you can recall them at any time of year. Learn more about how to place reservations here.

As always if you need help, or have any questions about managing your library record do please get in touch: 

Don't forget to return any books you won't be using before you leave Exeter

Make your summer stress free by returning any books you won’t be using before you leave Exeter

5 Top tips for stress-free borrowing during the Summer:

  • Go electronic: our digital collection now exceed our print holdings: you can access over 100 research databases, more than 30,000 electronic journals and many thousands of e-books via the electronic library. All our electronic resources are available off campus, and with e-books there’s no need to worry about recalls or overdues. So check the e-library first and don’t take hard copies away with you this summer unless you really need to.
  • Return any books you don’t need before you leave Exeter. Please don’t leave Library resources locked up in your room or office over the summer, it isn’t fair to take them out of circulation if you’re not using them either and they could get recalled by other borrowers.
  • If you do take our books away with you, be sure to renew them regularly (every 4 weeks for Normal Loans). Express Collections items continue to issue for 24 hours at a time and it is inadvisable to take these away from Exeter.
  • Think Recall! Any item you borrow can be recalled by another user so please check your email regularly and be prepared to return items by post if necessary.
  • Keep in touch! If you have any questions about recalls, renewals or anything else, please get in touch as soon as possible. We’re available to help 7 days a week throughout the vacation period.

More seats, longer hours: Exam time study space provision

Are you gearing up for the exam season? So are we! We know that study space provision is hugely important during the revision and exam period, so this is why we’ve been busy expanding our seating and arranging extended opening hours in our study centres across campus.

Here’s a brief to guide to the improvements we’ve made and the study spaces that are available for you over the next month or so. There are a few changes to watch out for.

Streatham Campus:

Forum Library:

24/7 availability as usual (swipe access after 20.00 on week days, 18.00 at the weekend)

More seating!  This week we’ve added 44 brand new study spaces, split between the Law Library (Level -1) and Level +1. This is in addition to the new seats in Express Collections added earlier this year.

Seminar Room access via the Library. From 09.00 on Friday 27th April the Forum Seminar Rooms on levels 0 and +1 will become part of the Library, further expanding the study spaces that are available to you 24/7. Remember to enter and exit these rooms via the Library (through the doors by the computer clusters) not via the Forum.

Quiet study room in The Forum Library

Quiet study room in The Forum Library

Amory Study Centre:

Opening hours extended to 24/7 (swipe access) from 27th April

The Loft:

Opening hours extended to 24/7 (swipe access) from 27th April

Research Commons:

Additional study space available in Seminar rooms A/B and C from Monday 13th April (open 08.00 – 20.00 week days, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend)

The Sanctuary:

Will be in use for exams during this period and is therefore not available as a study space

St Luke’s Campus

St Luke’s Library:

Open 08.00 – 20.00 Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend.

24/7 Study Space available in the Luke’s Library computer room and 24/7 room.

Giraffe House:

Open daily 08.00 – 21.30

Study space in Giraffe House

Study space in Giraffe House

Other Study Spaces

Don’t forget study seats are also available in the Student Services Centre, Forum Street Balcony, Forum Expo Labs and in many other buildings across our campuses. You can check availability in advance using the iExeter app.

Study smart:

Follow these tips to help you and fellow students get the most out of our study spaces:

1)    Use one seat when working; leave enough room for someone else to sit and work

Always leave a card when you take a break and return within  1 hour

Always leave a card when you take a break and return within 1 hour

2)    It is OK to take a break for about an hour (60 minutes) if you are working in the library for a long time; but always return promptly within one hour. leave one of our Taking a Break cards so others know you are coming back.

3)    Remember the Library is a public space! Always take valuables with you or lock them safely  in a Forum Locker.



Coming soon: new study spaces in the Forum Library

We’re really pleased to be in the process of installing almost 50 new study desks in the Forum Library, just in time for the exam period.  The new study spaces will be located in the Lasok Law Library (Forum Library Level -1) and on Level +1 outside the Neil Cross group study room.

We recently added new study desks in EXpress Collections, now even more are on the way!

We recently added new study desks in Express Collections, now even more are on the way!

While these spaces are being cleared and the new desks installed you may experience some disturbance in the vicinity of these spaces between now and April 17th. We apologise for this but are confident that the end result – more study seats in the ever popular Forum Library – will be worth it.

If you’re looking for silent study space in the next week it might be worth avoiding these two areas of the Library. Why not use the silent study room on Level 0 which is well away from the areas affected? Other great quiet spaces to study on Steatham Campus this week include Research Commons, The Loft or the Amory Study Centre. Find out more about these and other available spaces on our website.

Access Past Exam Papers Online

A great way to prepare for your exams is to have a look at some of the past exam papers for each of your modules. These can give you a flavour of the tone of the questions and the sort of topics you are likely to encounter. Did you know past papers are readily accessible online? There are currently over 9,000 past papers available for you to view in the University of Exeter Past Exam Paper Archive: click here to access it (you will need to authenticate with your usual university username and password).

Once you’ve logged in, you can search the archive by college, module code or title keyword. Papers can then be viewed as PDFs.

A screenshot of the archive search screen

A screenshot of the archive search screen

New Study Space at St Luke’s Campus: Giraffe House

Looking for study space on St Luke’s Campus? Why not try Giraffe House? This brand new space opened on 7th January and can be found above Cloisters Café.


PCs in Giraffe House

 Giraffe House Facilities:

  • 120 student study spaces
  • 37 PCs
  • Quiet study area
  • “Railway carriage” style study booths
  • 3 group study rooms: these can be booked in advance via the central room bookings system
  • Print, Copy and scan facilities
  • Plenty of power sockets to plug in and charge your devices


 Opening hours:

In line with other study spaces, such as The Loft and Amory Study Centre, Giraffe House is open 7 days a week, from 08.00 – 21.30 with extended opening during exam time (we’ll let you know the details of this nearer the time). Giraffe House is open to all students but access is via swipe card only so you will need to bring your Unicard to make use of this space.


Look and Feel:

Do you like the décor in Giraffe House? The furniture and colour scheme were chosen following feedback from SSLCs last year, and also reflect features that have proved popular in other study spaces such as the ‘railway carriage’ booths which were first introduced in the Amory Study centre. The art on the walls displays various views and features from around St Luke’s campus – even including the cat who is a regular campus visitor!

We think Giraffe House is a great place to work and a welcome addition to Exeter campus study spaces. Why not check it out if you haven’t done so already?

"Carriage" booths and PCS. Spot the cat!

“Carriage” booths and PCS. Spot the cat!

Quiet space and looking toward the group  study rooms

Quiet space and looking toward the group study rooms








Exam study space: extra seating, extended opening

With exams looming we know that study space is a priority. This is why you’ll see a number of changes in January intended to give you more options for when and where you study in Library spaces. Check out the full list below:

1) . More study seats in the Forum Library.

From 2nd – 10th January 2015 the Seminar wings on levels 0 and +1 of the Forum will become part of the Library. This means you can enter and exit these spaces through the Library (via the doors next to the computer cluster) rather than from the Forum side. The rooms can be used for quiet study, increasing our available seating t0 1044 seats! And don’t forget the Forum Library  is always open 24/7 to support your study needs whatever time of day or night you choose to do your revision.20141216_143102

2). More seats in Express Collections.

We’ve added extra desks and study seats in the popular Express Collections area, increasing our study space even further in time for the revision period. These desks are available now.

3). The Loft goes 24/7!

The Loft in Devonshire House has been open since October. Have you studied there yet? From 2nd  – 10th January we’re extending the opening ours of this space to make it available 24/7! Just 2 minutes walk from the Forum Library it’s a great place to go to study – any time!

4). The Amory Study Centre goes 24/7!

From 5th – 10th January we’re also extending the opening hours of the ever popular Amory Study Centre, so this too will available 24/7! Located in the Amory Building, just 4 minutes from the Forum Library, the Centre offers a great mix of quiet study space and bookable group work rooms.


Why not check out our website for full details of all the study spaces available across campus? You can also use the space checker to check in advance how many desks are free in each area.

And don’t forget always leave one of our Taking a Break cards on the desk if you will be gone for less than one hour. If you are going to be gone for more than 1 hour please clear your things and allow someone else to use the seat.


Good luck in your exams!



Vacation Information 2014

Christmas is coming! Whether your response to this is “Hooray” or “Humbug” it’s a good idea to plan ahead this time of year. So here’s what you need to know about our Library Services over the coming weeks.


Opening hours:

You can check our full opening hours for all Library sites on our website here.

The Forum Library: will be open on a self-service basis 24/7 to registered staff and students throughout the break.

 Forum Library

Self-service/Library staff available


Mon – Fri 08:00 – 20:00  20:00 – 08:00
Sat – Sun 10:00 – 18:00  18:00 – 10:00
24 – 26 Dec, 1 Jan


*During self-service hours you can:

  • Use the library for study
  • Use the computer and print facilities
  • Borrow and return using self-service machines

You must have your Unicard to enter the building and to borrow items.

Vacation opening hours for Research Commons are 09.00 – 17.30 Monday – Friday and 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekends up until 23rd December. The building will be closed from 24th December  – 2nd January inclusive so why not study instead at The Forum Library during this time?

Vacation opening hours for St Luke’s Library are 09.00 – 17.30 Monday – Friday and 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekends up until 23rd December. The building will be closed from 24th December  – 2nd January inclusive but 24/7 study space is still available over at The Forum so why not head there instead?


You are welcome to borrow our books over the vacation, although we always advise against taking Library books abroad. If you do take our books home with you then you need to note the following. Our recall policy is in place until the 12th December (the last day of term). This means books can be recalled and the due date shortened up until that date. Further information about our Recall Policy is available here. We will send you an email if your books are recalled, and you will have 7 days to return them – by post if necessary. If your items they are not recalled before the 12th December, then they will be due on or after the 5th January 2015.

As for renewals, you may continue to renew throughout the break  unless someone else places a request or recall on the books. We expect borrowers to return books as soon as possible to ensure fair access to all our resources for all students, and it is fine to return recalled items by post if you are not going to be back for 5th January.

If you are concerned about keeping your record up to date over the vacation, why not use our scan to email facilities to make PDFs of key sections before you go? Don’t forget we  have an extensive collection of electronic resources that can be accessed online from anywhere, so it may not even be necessary to take the print copies away!

Have a great Christmas, however you choose to spend it.