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Coming soon: new study spaces in the Forum Library

We’re really pleased to be in the process of installing almost 50 new study desks in the Forum Library, just in time for the exam period.  The new study spaces will be located in the Lasok Law Library (Forum Library Level -1) and on Level +1 outside the Neil Cross group study room.

We recently added new study desks in EXpress Collections, now even more are on the way!

We recently added new study desks in Express Collections, now even more are on the way!

While these spaces are being cleared and the new desks installed you may experience some disturbance in the vicinity of these spaces between now and April 17th. We apologise for this but are confident that the end result – more study seats in the ever popular Forum Library – will be worth it.

If you’re looking for silent study space in the next week it might be worth avoiding these two areas of the Library. Why not use the silent study room on Level 0 which is well away from the areas affected? Other great quiet spaces to study on Steatham Campus this week include Research Commons, The Loft or the Amory Study Centre. Find out more about these and other available spaces on our website.

Maintenance in the Forum Library: advance warning

The Amory Study Centre, an ideal quiet study alternative while maintenance is undertaken at the Forum Library


If you are planning to visit the Forum Library tomorrow please note the following…

We are expecting some disruption in the Forum Library tomorrow (Monday 8th July 2013) while some essential maintenance is carried out on our toilet facilities. We are expecting the temporary closure of the Ladies and Gents toilets in the central block by the PC Cluster on all 3 floors of the Forum Library while maintenance is undertaken during the morning (from 08.30 onwards). During this period please use alternative facilities available on Level 0 (towards the rear stairwell) or across in the Forum.

There is likely also to be some noise disruption while the work is being undertaken. Library staff will be on hand to direct you to quieter study spaces that should be unaffected such as the Lasok Law Library, Learning Hub rooms or the Amory Study Centre.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this essential maintenance. We hope the work will completed within a few hours but please do ask Library staff if you need any additional support during this time.

Expected noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February

Advance notice of likely noise disruption in the Forum Library Saturday 16th February.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. Exeter University will be joining in the New Year Celebrations with events on campus on Saturday 16th February, including music and speeches in the Forum between 3pm and 6pm.

The  Forum Library will be open as normal throughout this time but we are expecting it to be noisier than usual during this event, so please keep this in mind when you are planning your study time for this coming weekend. Library staff will be on hand and happy to direct you to areas of the Library that are least affected by noise, or why not try one of our other great study spaces on campus instead?

Research Commons is open 10.00 – 18. 00 on Saturdays and Sundays and includes a large 64 seat  silent Reading Room on the entrance floor, plus individual study seats around the stock on levels -1 and -2 of the building.

A large quiet study room is also available in The Amory Study Centre open daily 8.00 – 21.30

These spaces should be the quietest locations during the Chinese New Year festivities.

For more information on Library study spaces why not check out our website?


The Library During Children in Need

As reported on the University’s News and Events web pages, hundreds of students and school children are busy preparing for a celebration with Pudsey as they transform The Forum at the University of Exeter into a family-friendly open party. A packed programme of free entertainment will be broadcast nationwide, raising thousands of pounds for Children in Need on Friday November 16th 2012.

It promises to be an exciting and colorful event, and you are very welcome to join in the fun – in the Library we are doing our bit to raise money by offering you the chance to donate your Library fines money to the appeal. However, if what you really want to do is simply to continue your studies in peace, Library staff will be more than happy to help you find a quiet spot.

Please note The Sanctuary will be unavailable all day on Friday 16th due to Children in Need events taking place there.

The Forum Library will remain open and accessible throughout.

We anticipate that the ‘Forum’ end of the library is likely to be affected by the boisterous nature of the event, but that the Silent Study and Group Study areas towards the rear of the Library will probably be relatively unaffected.

If you prefer to avoid the Forum and the Forum Library altogether, our Library staff will be happy to offer directions to alternative study areas –.

The Library’s ‘Pudsey-free zones’ include:

Research Commons offering a large Reading Room, multi-media seminar room and a café-style break out space, the Research Commons is housed in the Old Library building on the Streatham campus near the University Chapel.  Research Commons is open until 9pm

St Lukes Campus Library: offering over 180 study spaces; a 24/7 Study Room and the 24/7 Haighton PC Cluster, the Library is housed in the Haighton Building on St Lukes Campus.  The Library is open until 9pm, after which the 24/7 Study Room will continue to be available

Amory Study Centre offering a mix of silent, quiet and group study facilities, and a total of c240 seats.  The Amory Study Centre is usually open until 8pm but the Library has arranged special extended opening hours (until midnight) for t on Children in Need night, so that you can continue working here away from any disruption in the Forum.

The Amory Study Centre will be open for you until midnight on Friday 16th November