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More seats, longer hours: Exam time study space provision

Are you gearing up for the exam season? So are we! We know that study space provision is hugely important during the revision and exam period, so this is why we’ve been busy expanding our seating and arranging extended opening hours in our study centres across campus.

Here’s a brief to guide to the improvements we’ve made and the study spaces that are available for you over the next month or so. There are a few changes to watch out for.

Streatham Campus:

Forum Library:

24/7 availability as usual (swipe access after 20.00 on week days, 18.00 at the weekend)

More seating!  This week we’ve added 44 brand new study spaces, split between the Law Library (Level -1) and Level +1. This is in addition to the new seats in Express Collections added earlier this year.

Seminar Room access via the Library. From 09.00 on Friday 27th April the Forum Seminar Rooms on levels 0 and +1 will become part of the Library, further expanding the study spaces that are available to you 24/7. Remember to enter and exit these rooms via the Library (through the doors by the computer clusters) not via the Forum.

Quiet study room in The Forum Library

Quiet study room in The Forum Library

Amory Study Centre:

Opening hours extended to 24/7 (swipe access) from 27th April

The Loft:

Opening hours extended to 24/7 (swipe access) from 27th April

Research Commons:

Additional study space available in Seminar rooms A/B and C from Monday 13th April (open 08.00 – 20.00 week days, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend)

The Sanctuary:

Will be in use for exams during this period and is therefore not available as a study space

St Luke’s Campus

St Luke’s Library:

Open 08.00 – 20.00 Monday – Friday, 10.00 – 18.00 at the weekend.

24/7 Study Space available in the Luke’s Library computer room and 24/7 room.

Giraffe House:

Open daily 08.00 – 21.30

Study space in Giraffe House

Study space in Giraffe House

Other Study Spaces

Don’t forget study seats are also available in the Student Services Centre, Forum Street Balcony, Forum Expo Labs and in many other buildings across our campuses. You can check availability in advance using the iExeter app.

Study smart:

Follow these tips to help you and fellow students get the most out of our study spaces:

1)    Use one seat when working; leave enough room for someone else to sit and work

Always leave a card when you take a break and return within  1 hour

Always leave a card when you take a break and return within 1 hour

2)    It is OK to take a break for about an hour (60 minutes) if you are working in the library for a long time; but always return promptly within one hour. leave one of our Taking a Break cards so others know you are coming back.

3)    Remember the Library is a public space! Always take valuables with you or lock them safely  in a Forum Locker.



Let us know when you take a break

We know that the Forum Library can get very busy during peak times of day, especially as deadlines or exams approach. You’ve told us that it causes problems when other Library users take up more than one space or “save seats” by leaving their belongings and then going away.

In response, we worked closely with the Student’s Guild Representatives and with individual students to come up with guidelines for using study seats in our Library spaces.

Watch out for cards like this around the Library:

Dec 2014 Card jpeg front

What to do:

When taking a break of up to one hour: please always leave a card, fill in the time you left and be sure to return within 60 minutes.

If you will be gone longer than an hour: please clear your desk so that others can use the space.

Remember the Library is a public space! Never leave valuable items unattended; always take them with you or lock them in a Forum Locker

Each card can be reused up to 20 times.

Dec 2014 Card jpeg back

This is a student led scheme 

We hope you will continue working with us to make the “Taking a Break” scheme a success.

If would like to share your thoughts on the scheme then please send us an email or  fill in one of the comments cards you’ll find around the Library.