Reading in Translation: new collaboration!

This week I have a new review for you, which I was invited to write for the fabulous Reading in Translation site! The review is of Ivana Sajko’s Love Novel, translated from Croatian by Mima Simić and published by V&Q Books. Love Novel focuses on an unnamed man and woman in a relationship that has grown toxic, who are kept together by the child they have brought into the world but whose resentment towards one another simmers and grows as the novel progresses. It is a savage and carnal tale, but also cold and brutal, unfolding in a huis clos where “love kills as soon as it gets a chance”. Click here, or on the thumbnail below, to read the review in full.

Love in the Time of Capitalism: Rage and Resentment in Ivana Sajko’s “Love Novel,” Translated from Croatian by Mima Simić

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