Library Study Spaces: where to go and how to make the most of them

As the end of term approaches many people are thinking not only about Christmas but also about  assignment deadlines and revision topics. We anticipate a busy few weeks in the Library, and our staff are available seven days a week to help you make the most of the resources and the study spaces we have to offer. But are you aware of the full range of study spaces we have available? Here’s a brief guide to help you find the best spaces for your learning needs, and how to make the most of them…

Group Spaces

Sometimes you do need to discuss your work. That’s why we offer designated group spaces so that you can share ideas and practice presentations without disturbing those who need a quieter study environment. Drop-in group areas (available on a first-come, first served basis) can be found in the following places:

But if you want to guarantee a space for your group, why not book in advance a slot in one of these locations:

  • Amory Study Centre: Group Work Rooms 003 A – E can be booked online via the central room bookings pages (select ‘Student Group Work Areas’ option)
  • St Luke’s Campus Library: the Student Presentation Room features projection equipment and is a great place to practice presentations. It can also be booked online via online via the central room bookings pages (select ‘Student Group Work Areas’ option)
  • Forum Library Vale Room Tables. The group work room on Level 0 contains two tables with a large screen monitor attached. Another good option for practising presentations, these can be booked in advance for up to 3 hours at a time by emailing
  • St Luke’s Library Consultation Rooms 1 & 2. Suitable for smaller groups. Room 1 contains a PC, while Room 2 is a good venue for round table discussions. A week or more in advance you can book these by emailing . Less than a week ahead, just sign up on the door!


 Quiet Study

If you’d rather find some silent space to concentrate on your own work, we have a number of options available:

  • A large quiet reading on the entrance floor of  Research Commons – just a few minutes walk from the Forum this a space much beloved by those seeking silent study, why not visit and try it for yourself?
  • The Sanctuary: located just beneath the Great Hall this 180 seat space boasts a colourful decor but a quiet, focused study atmosphere.
  • The far end room in the Amory Study Centre contains PCs and individual desks and is designated purely for quiet study

All of the above destinations use ‘listening ear’ technology to monitor noise and ensure that disturbance is kept to a minimum.

The entrance to The Sanctuary, open 8-8, 7 days a week!

Quiet study spaces are also available at:

  • Forum Library: designated quiet rooms on each floor and in the Learning Hub on level -1.
  • St Luke’s Campus Library: silent space available in the top floor reading room.

Roving Library staff across all locations do our best to make sure noise is kept to a minimum in quiet spaces, but if you are being disturbed by other individuals please don’t suffer in silence – let us know, we’re here to help!


Something more relaxed?

If you need a break or you’re looking for a slightly less formal learning environment – perhaps to swap lecture notes over a coffee – you might like to grab a comfy seat in one of the following locations:

  • Forum Library Lounge or Level +1 Balcony
  • Research Commons ‘cafe style’ breakout space
  • St Luke’s Library ‘kitchen style’ breakout space

Forum Library Balcony

3 rules for making the most of our spaces:

  1. If you need help finding the right sort of study space or booking a group room  just ask; Library staff are here to help!
  2. Please respect other Library users by choosing the right environment for your needs: if you need to talk at length please make sure you are in a designated group work space.
  3. Remember the Library is a public space, so do not leave your belongings unattended. Sadly thieves have targeted our libraries in the past so always stay vigilant. Lockers are available to store your laptop and other valuables safely.

For more information why not pick up one of our leaflets or check out the Library Study Spaces website?

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