Kitengala Prison is a Male Medium Security Prison in Kenya. The programme and its participants have drive and enthusiasm that is contagious and very exciting! The togetherness, that the programme has helped create, is making a massive difference to the lives of the ‘clients’-inmates and their staff. The dedicated team of Welfare Officers Abigail, Patrick to name a couple believe in the programme and champion it among the inmates in order for more and more inmates to wish to participate to really change their lives. They currently have a large group that are almost finished and a new group who are eager to start! Over 140 inmates were present as new or existing partipants in December when visited. The Mindful Welfare Officers Abigail and Patrick with the Mindful Trainees are currently working on making additions to the Mindful Leader handbook that will further support the needs of their specific clients. They will then share this with the other prisons so many more can learn from their additions.

The Mindful Trainees have created dramas, groups, songs in order to express themselves and all very much love the time they spend participating in the Mindful Class..

Kitengela’s Mindful Leaders Programme always has a full co-hort, they study every Wednesday afternoon as a group, on top of this, they practice and share during unofficial times when they are in their wards or communal areas… In May 2019 Kitengela’s Cohort all graduated… It was a wonderful celebration with all involved, the Officer in Charge, representatives from Headquarters and guests….