Kiambu is a new prison to join the Mindfulness movement and yet is thriving with enthusiasm, belief and passion for personal growth, institutional growth and growth beyond the walls…
The Mindfulness programme is currently active and growing at a rapid rate among the men who are on remand. These people could have been there 1 week, 4 weeks or multiple months, awaiting their court dates so the opportunity for rehabilitation is real and the inmates are holding it tightly.
In April 2018 the programme had 25 Mindful trainees, taught by a Mindful Welfare Officer who empowered each and every person to reach their full potential. Within the group it was shared there were men from 5 different Kenyan tribes, whom historically would have ‘fought’ and yet, fast forward to April 2018 and they are all comfortable, to practice Mindfulness meditations with their eyes shut, trusting in each others company and being – on their individual journeys together to become the best versions of themselves and reach their full potential….