Nairobi Medium

Nairobi Medium’s Mindfulness programme is for men who are on remand, awaiting a court date. The length of this wait can vary hugely, from a few months to over a year. This uncertainty would be daunting for anyone, evoking a huge amount of emotion, so Mindfulness has been eagerly embraced.

The life-changing transformations that Mindfulness has had upon the men have been inspiring. From very young men to mature men who may have visited prison before, this programme has changed their mindset. Many shared their experiences of how Mindfulness has given them hope, stopped them taking drugs and repeating the same patterns of behaviour, and even contemplating suicide. This programme is saving lives.

Faced with the huge challenge of even having a safe space to have their Mindfulness classes – the only room available being the space used for prison administration, court, and now their safe space for healing and transformation – this strong group of Mindful trainees and Mindful Leaders embraces these challenges and continues to thrive.

Led by a dedicated and empowering team of Mindful Welfare Officers, their desire to increase the reach of the programme was clear, and their belief in it resonated loudly.