Media coverage

Support and publicity surrounding the project have been incredible. The world is learning about these projects and the motivation, enthusiasm and backing are growing. Below is a list of articles, news reports and radio interviews


March 2019 – The BBC have been back to Naivasha Maximum Security to film the Mindfulness Programme from another angle! They hope to illustrate the life changing transformation it is having on the inside and outside for the inmates- Mindful Leaders. The video will be added soon!!

April 2018 – A moving video created by BBC news – ‘Crossing Divides’ illustrating the difference the Mindful Programme has had upon relationships at all levels within Prisons,

April 2018 – A wonderful article explaining the difference the Mindfulness Project has had upon relationships within the prison: BBC news Crossing Divides:Kenya jail’s ‘Mindful’ scheme aims to bring sides closer:

October 2017 – I am excited to share that Mindful Leaders from Naivasha Main prison had the opportunity to be part of a documentary being prepared by CNN, sharing the wonderful work of the Inner Rehabilitation Project that is taking place in Kenyan prisons. Keep an eye on this page to see it when it is RELEASED!

September 2017 – This TV interview from KTN news within Naivasha Maximum Security prison illustrates how the Mindful Revolution is reaching further afield and changing lives.

August 2017 – An interview about ‘Teaching Mindfulness in prisons’ with Inma and Radio New Zealand ‘Life and Society’ – how the project began, what being Mindful means, how we can be mindful on a daily basis, how can we do it? Find out more. This brilliant interview can be listened to here:

July 2017 – A enlightening article describing ‘How Mindfulness is helping Kenyan prisoners achieve inner freedom’ by Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno and Dr Michelle Mahdon, published in ‘The Conversation’.

June 2017 – Below is an interview between Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno and BBC Health. The interview contains information about the training, Mindfulness techniques and the huge change experienced by the inmates. This interview also includes direct feedback from women in Langata women’s prison.

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2015 – A precious insight into the the origin and beginning of the project when Senior Officers came to England, Embercombe

July 2018 – Podcast 2! Dr Inma was invited to share her experiences of the Mindfulness work in Kenya at an ‘Intrepid Explorer‘ event at the Exeter Phoenix.

July 2018 – We are excited to share an informative podcast (1st of 3) created by Dr Inma Adarves- Yorno talking with ‘Present Moment Mindfulness‘. Listen to find out how this wonderful project began, emerged and gain understanding of the fundamentals of her approach, forming identity and of Mindfulness on the Go… Hear how this project has impacted the Mindful Leader inmates, and the prisons as a whole furthermore how it has evolved….

Episode 115 :: Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno :: Mindfulness and the African Prisons Project


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