Nairobi West

Nairobi West prison has an active group of 50 inmates who are now Mindful Leaders/trainees. The passion, enthusiasm and drive of the Mindful Leader inmates is huge and unavoidably contagious!

The group of inmates, welfare officers and officers in charge has formed a united family – one of support, collaboration and celebration, created as an aid to support the inmates on their personal journeys of self-discovery, acceptance, emotional resilience and non-judgemental living through the programme.

Nairobi West Mindful Leaders have developed sub-groups in order to deepen and develop their understanding and practices. They are used to guide the teaching and learning, as well as to identify areas that need further work and growth.

They too have identified the need to create further editions of the Mindfulness and Self-awareness handbook – in multiple languages – Rowandanese, Ugandese and Nigerian, in order to extend the reach further. Creative methods of sharing and expressing the teachings have also been devised, using song, drama, comedy and collective mindful shouting techniques, the unique call of Nairobi West being ‘Yabba, Yabba, Yabba’!!! Teaching Mindfulness practices isn’t only shared within the ‘classroom’ it happens within the wards (sleeping spaces)!

Mindful Leaders at Nairobi West aspire to share the word of Mindfulness beyond the prison walls, to positively impact the life of communities.

Letters kindly donated by the Mindful Leaders for the supporters of the crowdfunding project.