Kamiti Maximum

Kamiti Maximum prison holds a large Mindfulness programme of Mindful trainees and Mindful Leaders. They are a family – supportive, encouraging and fuelled with the passion to help each other along the Mindfulness journey.

Led by both inmate Mindful Leaders and Mindful Welfare Officers, the collaboration has created positive and productive relationships between both groups, and has extended to their families.

The inmates share a passion to spread this message further within the prison, as well as beyond the walls. They have created wonderful songs and motivational speaking, recognising the essence that being present, listening and sharing can bring to a person’s life.

Within the Mindfulness programme, there are many individual groups who specialise in a different aspect of Mindfulness, in order to develop their own resources and help each other gain deeper understanding. The handbook has also been made accessible by the Mindful Leaders to those who use sign language as a form of communication.

The Mindful Leaders here also create jewellery and other beaded items in order to fund their programme, some items of which were gifted as rewards as part of the crowdfunding project in June 2018.

This institution is fuelled with joy, hope and vision to create a difference to many.