August 2019 – The Mindfulness Project has grown and it is well known within Kenya and its prisons! As well as the Mindful Programme, the Kenyan Prison Service is fortunate to have a supportive community who wish to make a difference to their people and their society… We were delighted to connect with Founder of the Nafisika Trust Vickie Wambura who founded the NGO in 2006 when finding her calling to

to re-skill and rehabilitate inmates towards reduction of re-offence upon their release. [we] this through its programmes that focus on behavioural change and economic empowerment.

Nafisika means “To bring out into well being”.

Nafisika bring a huge amount to the project and all are excited to see what the future holds with such support and passion… 

As well as this new Partner ship, we have been fortunate to have a Mindfulness Volunteer Jan Hummer from the USA visit Kenya and many prisonso once already to share her Mindfulness teachings, she is committing the next few years to further develop the programme, help it expand and work with the KPS, Nafisika to fulfil the goals that were so vividly shared…

Prior to these development and as ongoing support, the Mindful Movement has gained support and collaboration from the wonderful people and organisations below…There are many organisations and agencies working together to enable these projects to grow and develop. Here is a list of  ‘Our Team’ worldwide:


2016 Open Innovation Platform Link Fund Exeter University, Mindful Leadership

2016 IAA ESRC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship: Expansion, Evaluation and Consolidation of the Inner Rehabilitation Programme in Kenyan Prisons

2016 IAA ESRC Economic Development and Welfare Scheme: Inner Rehabilitation Programme for Kenyan Prisons

2015 IAA ESRC cultivation award: Authentic leadership and change agency training in the Kenyan Prison System

2015 Open Innovation Strategic Funds: change makers: moving from challenges to influence, in collaboration with APP


Many organisations have been really generous in donating goods that will support the project and Mindful Leaders, Laptops, Camcorders, pencils and Mindfulness Books delivered directly to the Mindful Leaders and Prisons during the April 2018 trip.