Kamae Girls’ Juvenile

Kamae Girls’ Juvenile is a correctional facility for girls aged 14-17.

Mindfulness has been newly introduced here and the impact has been profound. The girls have found themselves in prison at an age of transformation in any teenager’s life; yet, through Mindfulness, they are gaining a new perspective and outlook, and an increased sense of awareness of their very being, which in turn is enabling them to live life with a positive attitude and have hopes and dreams for when they leave prison.

The Mindful trainees are taught by supportive Mindful Welfare Officers who share the passion to help the girls be the best version of themselves – not only during Mindful sessions, but in their schooling, cooking classes, and general lives.

The Mindful trainees are committed, engaged and passionate about their Mindful journeys. It was a pleasure to be in their company, and inspirational to hear their journeys and witness the peace of mind the young women now have regarding their current situations and futures.