Mindful Outreach Project

Mindfulness is woven within the prison rehabilitation programmes, creating a space for inmates or clients to inhabit and work on their own minds and emotions – to become present, regain a sense of purpose in life and, most importantly, hope. This is happening, minds are changing, and peace is emerging. It is due to this clear change and the visible improvement within the individual, within relationships among peers, within relationships between staff and inmates and between inmates and their families, that the Mindful trainees feel such motivation to share the word of Mindfulness within prisons and beyond the bars!!

The impact Mindfulness Plus has had upon the inmates has been so poignant and life-changing that they want to spread their learning to their families, their children, their communities and the world!!!

Outreach is happening from the inside out!

Mindful Leaders across many of the prisons are busy creating resources and have aspirations to reach the youth of tomorrow.

They have ideas and have created plans and strategies for how these teachings could work in their locality – and it is already happening on a small scale.

So far:

  • Mindful Leaders/trainees who are fortunate enough to have family visits have taught their families the techniques they use in order to live with hope, manage their emotions and make mindful choices.   insert stitches brothers story here – as case study
    This has been life-changing.
  • Inmates who were Mindful trainees and have left prison plan to return to complete their training – this is possible because of the wonderful ‘open door policy’ introduced to all Kenyan prisons. Thereafter they wish to share Mindfulness with their local football teams and neighbourhoods.
  • All institutions have created songs, dramas and creative artwork and poems that will allow them to share the message and teachings of Mindfulness with a range of audiences in a captivating and engaging way. The wealth of rich learning resources and materials being created is amazing.
  • Naivasha Maximum Security prison has already created two music videos that illustrate the journey and teachings of Mindfulness. When in prison, as part of Mindful Leader Erick’s rehabilitation, he and the other Mindful Leaders created Mindful songs – Mindful Leaders and the Mindful Generation . He is going to use music and these songs to connect to young people, selling CDs of the music to help fund the project sustainably. He will develop other innovative ways to engage people in his Mindulness Revolution. Eric shared:

“Today here I am – strong again. I have overcome my mental pain and at last, though in prison, I’m free again. I have come to realise that the day Dr Inma introduced Mindfulness to my soul, that was the first day of the rest of my life.”

The potential is huge, the foundations are strong and the passion is fuelled. We now need support to make these dreams a reality and reach far and wide.

About Eric the Mindful Rapper

In 2016 Eric was lost and sitting alone somewhere in the largest Maximum security prison in Kenya (Naivasha). In his words I lost everything from my self-esteem, courage and I seemed to be out of my mind. The only thing I was left with is my weak soul and it nearly escaped from me”. He had no hope but he was found by one of the mindful leaders (fellow inmate) and he was invited to attend their mindful leaders programme. That was the beginning of a amazing transformational journey. Read his story

From a “wild child” he has transformed into the “mindful rapper”.  His embodied learning is reflected in his songs and he is now outside the prison working as a mindful ambassador.

About the songs

First it came the Mindful Leaders Anthem

Among many other things, it notes that being a mindful leader means being “awake, alert and attentive”. He includes some of the teachings such as using the mindfulness technique on the go “the inner radio” and also he says that “we need to be the change in the world that we wish to see”.

Then  came the Mindful generation

Here he is describing what characterises the mindful generation and he is inviting the audience to “come to join our revolution” among many other things. He talks about how this generation can manage their emotions, even under pressure they can still focus. They have gratitude, sense of humour and they are merciful. He also talks about mindfulness as ‘living in the now.’

From the outside inside!!

So far this year we have been approached by two separate organisations based in Kenya, both of whom have seen the media coverage and wish to be part of this movement to live more mindfully – for themselves and for the people they work with.

A charity working with children in schools in rural Kenya and an organisation working with communities in relation to domestic violence are wishing to partner with us to learn, in order to reach these large demographics of people, school children and vulnerable women and children. It is very exciting and we are looking forward to working together and seeing these partnerships flourish. Wherever in the world you are, if you wish to join us, please get in touch.