Employer Case Study: Ernest Jackson










Name of Organisation: Ernest Jackson 

Description of Organisation: Ernest Jackson is a Devon-based company with 200 years’ experience and expertise in developing, manufacturing and marketing medicated confectionery and vitamin products. 

Offering a wide range of well-known branded products, as well as a contract manufacturing service, Ernest Jackson has been responsible for some of the nation’s best loved medicated confectionery products and has become one of the UK’s leading medicated confectionery manufacturers. 

Name of Employer: James Norris 

Job Title: Continuous Improvement Lead 

Internship Scheme used: 

Student Business Partnership (SBP) |Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter 


“Rinzey provided good working ethic, enabling us to understand the considered variables are not as big as we once thought.” 

“Working with Andrea, and the University, has led me to feel this is a positive activity that should be introduced into workplaces more often.” 

Student Quote – Link to Case Study  

“It was an extreme confidence booster. From the extra support provided and the experience/advice from both other engineers and shareholders, it was an excellent experience and has shown me that I can apply the skills and knowledge developed in the University to a workplace and adapt to the specific working conditions.”