Employer Case Study: People and Mining: University of Exeter

Name of Organisation: People and Mining: University of Exeter – SSIS – Politics and International Relations

Name of Employer: Deborah McFarlane

Job Title: Lecturer

Internship Scheme used: Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern contributed to some of the ongoing activities of our network, helping to organise online workshops, taking minutes from meetings, note taking and writing up blogs from research panels. He has also done a range of development work, for example infographics to use on social media.

Working closely with members of the People and Mining team gave the student experience of a range of tasks and also situated him as a core member of our group. Our intern’s confidence grew and he took on some projects that he was instrumental in creating and planning, such as the infographics.

It’s been great, we have learned a lot working with Jack and I believe the experience has been beneficial for him.”