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External Link P. Zuidema, J. Redemann, J. Haywood, R. Wood, S. Piketh, M. Hipondoka, P. Formenti, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2016 (in press)
.docx NERC Proposal: CLoud-Aerosol-Radiation Interactions and Forcing: Year 2016 (CLARIFY-2016), Case for support, Part 1

CLARIFY Meeting, Reid Hall, University of Exeter, October 2018

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Word Doc Agenda
Word Doc List of Papers
PPT Haywood (1), Introduction.
PPT Haywood (2), Deployment, synergies with ORACLES/LASIC/AEROCLO-SA and initial results.
PPT De Graaf, Progress with the groundbased UV-depolarisation lidar on Ascension Island.
PPT Bellouin, Carbonaceous aerosol absorption in Hadgem3.
PPT Jones, Radiation Measurements and Aerosol Optical Properties:Preliminary Findings.
PPT Barrett, Synoptic, Dynamical and Aerosol Constraints on Precipitation.
PPT Stier, Understanding CCN and ACI forCLouds and Aerosol Radiative Impacts and Forcing: Year 2017.
PPT Wu, Chemical and Physical Properties of Aged Biomass Burning Aerosols over the South Atlantic During CLARIFY.
PDF Gordon, Aerosol-cloud-radiation interactions with HadGEM-UKCA regional NWP simulations.
PPT Chauvigne, Aerosol optical and radiative properties with high spatial resolution.
PPT Johnson, POLDER vs HadGEM3.
PPT Herbert, LES-simulated diurnal cycle of the semi-direct effect over marine stratocumulus.
PPT Abel, Low entrainment rates of overlying biomass burning aerosol into POCs.
PPT Peers, Retrieval of Absorbing Aerosols Above Clouds over the South East Atlantic Ocean from MSG/SEVIRI.
PPT Taylor&Coe, Black carbon, mixing state and optical property determination.
PDF Bower, Cloud Microphysics and Cloud-Aerosol Interactions over the South-East Atlantic Ocean .
PPT Mallet, AEROCLO-SA Deployment Overview.
PPT Cui, Analysis of the 19 August 2017 (C032) Case andPlan for Simulations.

CLARIFY Meeting, Met Office, February 2017

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Powerpoint Welcome and Update on CLARIFY-2017, Jim Haywood
Powerpoint Met Office model Forecasting Tools Available 1, Malcolm Brooks
PDF Met Office model Forecasting Tools Available 2, Fanny Piers
Powerpoint Satellite Tools, Philip Stier and Duncan Watson-Parris
PDF Possible Science Operating from Ascension Island, Steve Abel
Powerpoint Logistics of Operating from Ascension Island, Doug Anderson and Susannah Rastall

CLARIFY Meeting, Birmingham, February 2016

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Powerpoint Presentation by Jim Haywood summarising the requirements for measuring the interactions of light with aerosols and clouds, both direct and semi-direct effects. Jim explained the need to characterise the interaction of biomass burning aerosol overlying both cloud or ocean (in the absence of cloud). The presentations also describes general flight profiles and instrumentation for performing these radiation measurements.
Powerpoint Presentation by Simon Osborne regarding the deployment of ground-based instrumentation for the CLARIFY campaign to St Helena.
PDF FAAM instrumentation configuration for CLARIFY 2017, including general equipment, meteorological instruments, and instruments for radiation, chemistry, cloud physics and aerosol measurements. The document describes the locations of these instruments on the aircraft.
PDF A concise list of instrumentation to be deployed for CLARIFY.
Powerpoint Steve Abel describes options for the transit of the BAe-146 aircraft to the operating base (Walvis Bay) in Namibia. Steve also lists the roles of people on board the aircraft for the duration of the transits.
Powerpoint Steve Abel describes ongoing work on general flight plans for characterising cloud and aerosol-cloud interactions.
Excel Dates and allocation of hotel rooms to people on attachment to Namibia for CLARIFY.
Powerpoint Doug Anderson (FAAM) gives an overview of the hotels and their locations with respect to the airport where the BAe-146 will be based. Doug also describes the timetable for a typical working day.