Sam, Higher Education Project Officer

Degree: Biological Sciences at University of Exeter 2017

Job Role: A Higher Education Project Officer provides support for projects in the Exeter Education Incubator, supporting academics who are working on projects to reimagine how university education can be delivered.

Sam’s Experience: Applying to be a GBP arose at a difficult time post-uni, when my original master’s program was cancelled by the University and all other arrangements fell through. When I became aware of the job, I was interested immediately by the title, but when reading through the description it seemed like an area of employment I had little experience in. However, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop skills I have not yet used in a professional environment, as previous experience had been restricted to lab and kitchen work. The main skills I am learning so far are teamwork, meeting skills, project organisation and website design. I would encourage any graduate to apply for a GBP as they are the perfect opportunity to develop important career skills. The project and IT skills I learn should help me massively when choosing to undertake another masters next year.