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Employer Case Study: Limited 

Name of Organisation: Limited 

Description of Organisation: Established in 2008, we’re an experienced and creative web design company with a specialist team of website design, web development, and technical support experts. 

As a franchise, we’re able to offer our web design services to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland via our network of local consultants. Every website is then created by the team here in Devon. 

Name of Employer:  Amy Cross-Webber 

Job Title: Marketing Manager 

Internship Scheme used:  SBP 

Student Business Partnership (SBP) – Employment Services – University of Exeter 


We recruited an intern as Marketing Assistant. She researched and written several blog posts that are published on – many have a high number of views and lengthy read times and exit rates suggesting people coming to our site and engaged by these blog posts written by our brilliant Exeter student. 

I honestly cannot fault our intern and everything she did. Our intern wished to continue studying – otherwise she is highly employable, and we would have certainly considered offering her a full-time role and still hope to in the future. 

We had a very positive experience – our intern proved to be a highly valuable member of our team. Her work ethic and creative writing skills impressed us from the outset. She fitted in perfectly with our team. We are incredibly grateful to have her as part of our team for the past 9 months – an absolute asset. 

Employer Case Study: Start Here Marketing 

Name of Organisation:  Start Here Marketing

Description of Organisation:    

A content marketing consultancy with a conscience, specialists in working with startup and small business, and are especially passionate about social and ethical enterprises. We believe doing good is good for business. 

Name of Employer:  Charli Ferrand 

Job Title:  Founder and Director  

Internship Scheme used A2I  

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter  


We recruited an intern who took on a variety of tasks for a variety of clients, from data work (key word analysis, social media and earned media reporting); through to content marketing activities (blog writing, content calendar development); and social media community management. She worked across clients from B2B and B2C industries. The intern completed all work to a very high standard, and I really enjoyed having her work within my team.  

The internship scheme is an excellent pathway to connect with some of the brightest young minds at Exeter University. Not only are you getting the opportunity to work with passionate, driven students, but you also have an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’. Throughout my career, I’ve been inspired by good managers and mentors. I have now worked with two female interns who weren’t sure about their careers post-university. Because of their internships, both have now landed jobs in marketing. As a female business founder and director, it makes me proud to support the next generation of women leaders in marketing.  

Regeneratus Consulting 1 Limited – Employer Case Study

Name of Organisation:  Regeneratus Consulting 1 Limited

Description of Organisation: Based in Exeter, Regeneratus Consulting is a consultancy firm with a focus on helping develop and improve businesses of all shapes and sizes from owner-managed SMEs to FTSE 100 companies.  We are currently helping clients with turnovers ranging from £100k to £20bn.

Name of Employer:  Robert Install

Job Title: Managing Director

Internship Scheme used:  A2I

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


I was really impressed with our Business Analyst intern.  He was polite, organised and efficient with good insight and an impressive commercial acumen. He helped source potential funders for a debt advisory mandate we were involved with which generated some income and also provided some helpful research and analysis.  I am confident that he will have a highly successful career and I was particularly impressed with the diligence he was showing in terms of sourcing graduate roles and summer internships in his first year.

The Internship Scheme run by the University exceeded our expectations, the quality of the applicants and the intern we hired was very impressive.  I would recommend it to any small business looking to source potential graduate talent and help develop students for the workplace and when the business requires it, will certainly be using the service again.

Quote from Intern:

“Aided in providing debt advisory services to a Welsh government-backed construction group, by securing £3m against assets. As well as, led research for in-house investment opportunities; created target profiles, forecasted returns and made recommendations.”

Morgan Hill Consultants – Employer Case Study


Name of Organisation: Morgan Hill Consultants

Description of Organisation: We are a team comprising ex CIO’s of multinational businesses, finance professionals, data analysts, data scientists and systems architects. Together we bring hundreds of years of experience in delivering deep insight, cost optimisation and effective deployment of technology inside large organisations.

Name of Employer: Nigel Duke

Job Title: Managing Director

Internship Scheme used:  SBP

Student Business Partnership (SBP) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


We recruited a Data Analyst Support Intern through the Student Business Partnership with the University of Exeter. They helped with the development of a very promising ML algorithm to classify finance data for further analytics. It all went according to plan, there were no issues at all, and it was produced for a very high standard.

We were very impressed with the calibre of the student. We offered our intern an extension which she accepted, and we look forward to continuing working with her.

Our experience was very positive. Our intern was extremely intelligent, diligent, co-operative and very willing to get involved. It was a very positive experience and one that I hope may be repeated.

Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service – Employer Case Study


Name of Organisation: Devon, Somerset and Torbay Trading Standards Service

Description of Organisation: Devon, Somerset & Torbay Trading Standards Service has a wide-ranging role in ensuring fair trading by supporting businesses and protecting consumers. The Service is committed to maintaining legal compliance to help ensure that businesses do not take an unfair advantage over competitors or consumers.

Name of Employer: Jay Capel

Job Title: Trading Standards Lead Officer

Internship Scheme used:  GBP

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


We recruited a Trading Standards Social Media Intern through the graduate business partnership with the University of Exeter. Our intern had a project to deliver which he did in a timely and professional manner. Devon County Council IT and salary payment system left a lot to be desired, but Oliver coped well and used his own IT skills to good effect.

Our intern also gave several presentations where he dealt with the audiences well and answered questions in a very mature and matter of fact manner.

Recruitment of the intern was an easy-to-follow procedure assisted by a knowledgeable team where nothing was too much trouble. It was a pleasure working with the intern who demonstrated a good work ethic and showed a maturity beyond his years. We really enjoyed having him on board and recommend the internship schemes provided by the University of Exeter to all types of businesses.

The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum – Employer Case Study

Name of Organisation:  The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum

Description of Organisation: The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum is home to one of the largest collections of material relating to the moving image in Britain. We are both an accredited public museum and an academic research facility and we hold a collection of over 85,000 items. Over 1,000 of our items are on display in our Galleries and are available to be viewed by the public.

Name of Employer:  Phil Wickham

Job Title: Curator

Internship Scheme used:  A2I

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


We recruited a Curatorial Intern who researched and produced data to support a planned funding bid and also assisted with other key duties in the museum. The main research task was to assist with funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund (NLHF). This work was completed to a very high standard. She also looked into an array of academic researchers who had used the museum’s collections and got in touch with them about their publications or projects. The intern was confident, organised and hardworking, this showed specifically through her preparation of a talk on pre-cinema in the museum’s gallery. She then went on to present this to visitors which was received with much enthusiasm. The internship went very well. She continued to volunteer for us after her internship and did some really valuable data analysis work on the museum’s visitors that will help us to develop. 

This is an excellent scheme. We have used A2I twice and both times been able to benefit from exceptional talents. We highly recommend taking on an intern from the University of Exeter.  

Quote from Intern:

“I honestly could not fault this experience whatsoever. I was able to combine my academic studies with real-world practical experience. Phil allowed me to use my initiative and offer my own suggestions in relation to the museum’s redevelopment project, which caused me to feel like a real part of the team. It also allowed me to demonstrate my ability to think creatively and intuitively rather than simply wait for instructions. I am eternally grateful for the encouragement that I received throughout the four weeks. This internship confirmed to me that I have chosen a career path that I am well-suited to.”

Articulacy Ltd – Employer Case Study

Name of Organisation:  Articulacy Ltd

Description of Organisation:  We as an organisation bring our values to school at a very young age, when our opinions are being formed. We take this into our relationships from school and into the workplace. We put on award-winning workshops that involve high energy and fun and carry a very high approval rating due to our focus on individual needs.

Name of Employer:  Leanne Fennell

Job Title: Business Manager

Internship Scheme used:  A2I  

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter 


We recruited our intern as a Marketing Officer. She reviewed our online website and designed a new fresh one and she attended some days in a Digital Leadership programme and made excellent contributions to the group.

Our intern also created some fantastic leaflets that will advertise our new inset training and other programmes. These will lead to income generation once they are successfully bringing in the work through schools. As well as, introducing us to software that we will be able to use on an ongoing basis to create our own leaflets which will save us hundreds in the future. Her work and ideas were outstanding.

Working with the University of Exeter on the Access to Internships scheme has been such a delight. We have worked with a psychology student who brought her fresh ideas and vibrant personality to a very small team and made a huge difference to us in what she was able to achieve in a short space of time. We now have clear ideas on how to improve our website, we have exciting leaflets and new designs that we are thrilled about using.

We thank you so much for giving this opportunity to work with an inspirational young lady who is extremely employable and will go far.


Oh So Social- Employer Feedback

Name of Organisation:  Oh So Social  

Description of Organisation: Oh So Social is an Agency Partner with Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, meaning you benefit from the best and most up-to-date knowledge to support both your organic and paid-for advertising campaigns. With direct access to Facebook UK and exclusive agency benefits, we know the latest tips and best practice to get the most out of your online presence 

Name of Employer:  Katherine George  

Job Title: Director 

Internship Scheme used A2I 

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter    


We recruited an intern as an Account Executive. He was well prepared for the workplace and was able to generate content for us which was used on a range of platforms for various different clients.  

The intern helped us with planning short-term social media and marketing calendars for a range of clients and content creation for social media marketing campaignsAs well as, running reports for clients about the performance of their social media campaigns including audience interaction and follower growth through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 

We have really enjoyed having our Intern with us, he has been able to get involved with a range of different tasks within the business both on the client-facing side, and with internal operations also. 

We recommend to other businesses to use the University of Exeter Internship Scheme to host an intern. We received a very positive experience which we thoroughly enjoyed.  

Beaford Arts – Employer Case Study

Name of Organisation:  Beaford Arts

Description of Organisation: Beaford is a network of people who come together to create unique events and projects in North Devon. We have a small core team of staff who work with a huge team of volunteers – from our Community. We connect artists and communities with North Devon finding entertaining and extraordinary ways to explore our land, lives and future.

Name of Employer:  Emma Down

Job Title: Hidden Histories Project Archivist

Internship Scheme used:  A2I

Employer subsidies (A2I) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


We recruited an intern as an Archive Assistant. She cross-referenced four card indexes with an online catalogue to add data to an Excel catalogue of historic photographs. Having our intern meant that all four indexes could be compared. Without this help there would only have been resourcing to cross-reference one or two indexes.

She responded well to problems with the tasks such as duplications of records or conflicting information by researching the content of the images and asked for help when needed.

This is the third time I have recruited interns through the Access to Internships scheme. All the students have been exceptional; throwing themselves into the tasks given to them with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn new skills. They have all produced work to a high standard and have been a pleasure to work with. It’s a privilege to work with such talented young people and help them on their career paths.




The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) – Employer Case Study

Name of Organisation:  The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM)

Description of Organisation: RAMM will enhance people’s quality of life. It’s a place of discovery which encourages everyone to be curious. RAMM uses its local and global collections to connect people to the world and inspires them to shape a better future.

Name of Employer:  Sophie Harbour

Job Title: Engagement Officer (Skills Development)

Internship Scheme used:  GBP

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) – Employment Services – University of Exeter


We recruited an intern as an Intern Audience Development Assistant. This role consisted of supporting RAMM’s Audience Development Lead and wider team in the planning, delivery and marketing of a stimulating and varied programme of events and activities aimed at a broad range of audiences.

Our intern is doing very well. She’s a great asset to the team and she’s carrying out a range of tasks from basic admin to project work, including marketing for the museum shop and assisting with the production of a children’s book and associated exhibition.

We found this internship to be very valuable and enjoyed the benefits of a very positive two way exchanage; we were able to offer the graduate meaningful employment experience but we also benefited enormously from the new ideas, enthusiam and skills the graduate was able to offer us.