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Employer Case Study: Ernest Jackson










Name of Organisation: Ernest Jackson 

Description of Organisation: Ernest Jackson is a Devon-based company with 200 years’ experience and expertise in developing, manufacturing and marketing medicated confectionery and vitamin products. 

Offering a wide range of well-known branded products, as well as a contract manufacturing service, Ernest Jackson has been responsible for some of the nation’s best loved medicated confectionery products and has become one of the UK’s leading medicated confectionery manufacturers. 

Name of Employer: James Norris 

Job Title: Continuous Improvement Lead 

Internship Scheme used: 

Student Business Partnership (SBP) |Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter 


“Rinzey provided good working ethic, enabling us to understand the considered variables are not as big as we once thought.” 

“Working with Andrea, and the University, has led me to feel this is a positive activity that should be introduced into workplaces more often.” 

Student Quote – Link to Case Study  

“It was an extreme confidence booster. From the extra support provided and the experience/advice from both other engineers and shareholders, it was an excellent experience and has shown me that I can apply the skills and knowledge developed in the University to a workplace and adapt to the specific working conditions.” 

Employer Case Study: Frazer Nash

Name of Organisation: Frazer Nash 

Description of Organisation: With offices in the UK and Australia, Frazer-Nash is a leading systems, engineering and technology company. Our work makes a difference to things that matter in the world. Our 1000 employees work from a network of nine UK and four Australian locations. 

Name of Employer: Ben Gaskin 

Job Title: Group Leader – PWR & Systems Engineering

Internship Scheme used 

Student Business Partnership (SBP) |Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter 


“Amelia was great to work with, had a fantastic attitude towards the work she was set and asked questions where she didn’t understand. We have provided her with an offer of a full-time position once she has completed her degree. “

Student Quote:

“Over the past 3 months of summer, I worked as a freethinker and problem solver summer intern at Frazer-Nash Consultancy. During my internship, I gained valuable experience of working as an engineer in industry. This taught me technical and transferable skills that I couldn’t have learnt otherwise, and I believe that this was an amazing opportunity. I really enjoyed my time there and can’t wait to return as a Graduate Engineer next year. “

Employer Case Study: Reeds Solicitors










Name of Organisation: Reeds Solicitors 

Description of Organisation: Reeds is a successful and progressive firm and has established itself as one of the leading criminal defence and family law practises in the South of England. They have taken time to carefully recruit a team of exceptional police station representatives, paralegals, and solicitors, based not only on their recognised legal knowledge, but also their passion and genuine commitment to achieving the best possible results for our clients. They are a fun and flexible firm with good opportunities for development and career progression. 

Job Title: Office Manager 

Internship Scheme used 

Employer Subsidies – Access to Internships | Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter  


“Overall, it was very easy, Isabelle though made that so. She is pleasant, confident and enthusiastic which all goes towards slotting into the workplace smoothly. Four weeks was not long enough but I hope that Isabelle found it useful and informative in regard to her future career choices and perspective of where she might end up.

Employer Case Study: Commercial Marketing Team, University of Exeter

Name of Organisation: Commercial Marketing Team, University of Exeter

Name of Employer: Kate Durward-Akhurst

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Internship Scheme used: Student Campus Partnership (SCP) | Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter


“The insights provided by the student were invaluable, proving a students point of view on areas pertinent to the work we are trying to do. Her ability to quickly analyse and sort information, particularly market research or website and communication tools has been impressive. She has needed very little assistance and once given a task has been able to run with it, developing the work and delivering on time.

Our intern’s inputs and point of view as a current student that are extremely helpful- being able to see things through her eyes and understand how we can improve our communications with student because of that.

Excellent internship! Invaluable, incredibly eye-opening and most definitely worthwhile.”


Employer Case Study: University of Exeter – History

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter – History

Name of Employer: Ryan Hanley

Job Title: Lecturer in Modern British History

Internship Scheme used: Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) , Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our GBPs produced a database of race relations reports published in the UK. This will form the basis of a new research thread, including a planned PhD studentship and public-facing database. Discussions are underway with the National Archives to realise the next stage of the project.

Both interns were more successful in identifying and cataloguing the report than we anticipated – the database now has over 600 entries, with many more leads still to come. This represents an impressive feat of research in itself, and it will lay the foundation for a major new academic project.

The students were invaluable members of the team: motivated, committed, and able to work independently towards the objectives. They even helped to define the parameters of the research project we were working on. The internships team were likewise fantastic.

While I could not offer my interns a job at the end of the project, I am more than happy to provide them with references and encouraged them both to consider pursuing research as a career. I’m very happy to note that one of them is moving into a Policy Advisor role at the end of the summer – I like to think this project gave her some useful experience to discuss in the interview!”

Employer Case Study:  University of Exeter Business School

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter Business School

Name of Employer: David Monciardini

Job Title: Senior Lecturer

Internship Scheme used:  Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern took an active role in our event on local food policy contributing in a very mature way to the debate about food insecurity.

Some of his tasks were:

– Research on Sustainable Food Places network.
– Comparison of Sustainable Food Places policies with Milan Urban Food Policy Pact ones.
– Presentation of the results of the desk research.
– Data mining and investigation of local food policy partnerships in Cornwall.
– Organisation of a policy research event as part of the Cornwall Food Policy Pact

The student is really quick to learn and he has a bright character that will allow him to work well with everyone in his future career. A great person to work with. I had a very positive experience and I hope he also benefited from this internship.”


Employer Case Study: Opportunity China

Name of Organisation: Opportunity China

Name of Employer: Stephanie Day

Job Title: Operations Manager

Internship Scheme used: Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern is becoming more familiar with Chinese social media management, and uses her Mandarin skills to build rapport with customers. She has got involved, quickly became part of the team, and took all that’s been passed to her!

Really positive experience, thank you. Work experience is so important for students to obtain, and our intern has been a delight!”

Employer Case Study: University of Exeter

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter

Name of Employer: Remy Chait

Job Title: Lecturer

Internship Scheme used: Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern was set the task of researching and testing a new assay for the laboratory to measure mutation rate in bacteria. She accumulate literature resources on the assay and performed initial testing to compare it to literature benchmarks. Included in these tests were assays in conditions specific to the lab focus of antibiotic resistance. She summarized her findings well at the end of the internship.

Having supervised the student on her 3rd year Bioscience project, this internship was a good opportunity to give her a slightly different direction and the chance to develop a higher level of independence in the lab working on a small-scale project. The project was new to her and she had complete control of it, which I believe was useful in her exploration of guiding her own work.”

Employer Case Study: Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

Name of Organisation: Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery

Name of Employer: Lara Goodband

Job Title: Contemporary Art Curator & Programmer

Internship Scheme used: Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) , 


“Our intern delivered on a number targets. She created new material for exhibitions and developed new partnerships.

All elements of the exhibition ‘In Plain Sight: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Exeter and Devon’ was amazing and the intern’s work on this was fantastic

The student has proved to be indispensable and will be much missed. I have enjoyed managing her. “

Employer Case Study: University of Exeter, CMH

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter, CMH

Name of Employer: Rachel Hayes

Job Title: Senior Research Fellow

Internship Scheme used:  Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern had excellent attention to detail, always turned up to schools early and was happy to stay longer to anonymise data with me, and she had a great presence with the children. She also took onboard feedback I gave her on the first day which showed great team working. On top of her excellent work during school visits, she was extremely fast and efficient at data entry!

It was really great to have the student as part of our team and I would highly recommend this scheme.”