Impact Strategist – SportInspired

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What were your main duties and responsibilities during the course of your internship?

My role was to make sure that each Community Games worked to ensure that all communications with various partners: corporate clients, sports providers, schools, parents, young leaders and volunteers, were as effective as they could be. I also made sure the delivery of the Games always went above and beyond expectations. On the day of the Games themselves, I briefed the sports providers and made sure that the volunteers and young leaders were mentoring their children effectively.

What benefits did your internship bring to your employer?

It has been an absolute pleasure to work for SportInspired. The SportInspired team are AMAZING! They are extremely hard working, passionate and well, inspiring! I routinely smashed the 35 hour minimum for the working week not because there was huge pressure on me to do so but because I really enjoyed what I was doing and where I was working. I often found myself on evenings and weekends brainstorming ideas for how to streamline the processes for each Community Games and pitching to family and friends to get their employers to sign up with SportInspired. In the first week my role was defined as: ‘making sure each of our Community Games (multi sports festival) had as much impact possible.’ This wide ranging brief gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in all things SportInspired and know that what I was working on would have a lasting impact on the processes surrounding the Community Games. Inspiring children to take up sport is extremely rewarding and the Community Games days themselves are indescribably brilliant. There is no better feeling than what we describe in the office as a ‘mini Win’ – when you turn a child’s day around and with it their perception of sport. Following on from my internship, I hope to continue to work for SportInspired. I would just like to end by thanking Exeter and the Access to Internship scheme, for yet again demonstrating why Exeter is such a fantastic University.

“Felix used a successful blend of his array of skills and talents to be a valuable member of the team throughout the internship. This has been demonstrated through high level analysis of potential client organisations, demonstrating his ability to deal with complex and high level material, through to his boundless enthusiasm with supporting kids trying sports at our multi-sports festivals. He is a classic ‘go-getter’, combining his infectious enthusiasm with an impressive ability to use his initiative, and stay committed to what he is trying to achieve” – Managing Director, SportInspired