Employer Case Study: RJ Working

Name of Organisation: RJ Working  

Description of Organisation:  

RJ Working is a charity-sector organisation working across different sectors in Cornwall such as the education sector, public sector services, the arts sector.    Our primary purpose is to equip children and young people with the language, skills and confidence to lead Restorative Practice development in their communities. Quite simply, ‘Restorative’ means making things better.   

Name of Employer: Deborah Mitchell 

Job Title: CEO 

Internship Scheme used 

Employer Subsidies – Access to Internships | Employer Engagement & Student Employment | University of Exeter  


Katelyn’s work has been an invaluable asset since she joined us. She has embraced all the learning opportunities on offer and has shown her capability of developing her skills set in response to a variety of challenges. We have seen her grow in confidence and initiative and take on increasing responsibilities within the team.