Employer Case Study – Harbour Housing (Cosgarne Hall Ltd)

Name of Organisation: Harbour Housing (Cosgarne Hall Ltd)

Description of Organisation: Harbour Housing provides accommodation and support for homeless and vulnerable people across Cornwall. We house a variety of people and our aim is to provide tailored support in order to help them to eventually live independently. People stay with us for up to and sometimes over two years in order that they have the chance to really turn their lives around at a pace appropriate to them, often moving through our different properties which offer increasing independence until they are ready to move on.

Name of Employer: Emily Hill

Job Title: Communications Manager

Internship Scheme used:

Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) , Access to Internships (A2I) 


“Our intern became responsible for our social media accounts and oversaw a vast increase in our following and engagement across these channels, including a 37% increase of our Twitter following and a 72% increase on Instagram. She also developed relationships with the press and was responsible for various stories being covered in print and digital media, including appearing herself on BBC Spotlight to represent the organisation. This helped to raise awareness for the charity and established us as a key player in the sector. She also gave presentations to local community groups which resulted in the development and improvement of stakeholder relationships which are really key to the successful operation of the charity.

Our intern helped to coordinate a response through the local media that helped to combat this and safeguard the reputation of the charity. The pandemic was also an unanticipated element to the internship and she responded well through being adaptable and flexible in her approach, taking on different roles where necessary including working on reports for commissioners and funding applications. The GBP also adapted her role during the lockdown period to support with efficient internal communication of information and coordinating a video for our Crowdfunder appeal that raised £1,000.

Our intern proved to be a huge asset to the organisation, creating engaging content for our social media channels and helping us to develop our relationships with the community as well as key stakeholders such as commissioners and members of local government. She excelled at liaising successfully with the press and developing innovative strategies to promote the work done by the charity, including establishing her own projects and seeking out stories internally. She has integrated positively within the organisation, made a lasting difference to the charity’s image and we are glad that she has accepted a full-time role with us which we offered her off the back of her internship.”