Employer Case Study: University of Exeter, College Operations

Name of Organisation: University of Exeter, College Operations

Name of Employer: Sarah Miller

Job Title: Project Resource coordinator, Response Team

Internship Scheme used: Graduate Business Partnership (GBP) , 


“Initially our intern was going to assigned basic administration duties (such as contacting students to chase for information and forms, internet research on entry requirements etc. However, it became apparent that the student could be trusted with a greater level of responsibility and was assigned his own Field Trips to organise. This involves liaising with the academics on trip requirements and keeping them updated on progress, consulting with providers, collating student data, using University procurement procedures and finance systems to secure travel arrangements, liaising with DCO’s for large purchases, arranging insurance, preparing data packs and circulating to key stakeholders. Trip support whilst the groups are out in the field.

He has been brilliant and we couldn’t have asked for better. He has made a huge difference to what the team has been able to achieve and our stress levels. He is also highly regarded by the academics and Sam Hughes, who he has been working on a couple of trips for, has said how brilliant he has been to work with.

Our intern is going to be very much missed not just by those of use working on field trips but also the wider SEAS team and all those he has been interacting with. I have said this many times – he has exceeded our expectations and been critical to the trips he has been working on going ahead.”