The mission of this site is to collect an extensive range of literary sources for the dragon (drakondraco) in the ancient and medieval West. Eventually, it is hoped, all will be provided in both their original language and in English translation, but, whilst the material is being assembled, viewers may find some entries provisionally confined to one or the other.

Our dragons are grouped into a number of ‘dens‘, each of which should be self-explanatory. Within the dens, different principles of organisation are employed to structure the texts supplied, as best befits the nature of the source-material in each case.

As I say, the site is devoted to the collation of literary sources rather than iconographic ones (pictures), but some of the pages are loosely decorated with a number of images selected more for their convenient copyright status than their appropriateness or their beauty.

The site’s icon and mascot (to the right here) is Zeus Meilichios, the kindly Classical Greek god that devoted himself to fostering the wealth and good luck of ordinary households.