Saints N – P

Narcissus of Gerundum (Girona) and the Dragon of Augsburg

Neventerius and Derien and the Basilisk-dragon of the river Élorn

Nicasius, Quirinus and Scuviculus/ Scubiculus and the Dragon of Vaux

Nicholas of Myra and the sea-dragon

Parasceve of Sicily and the Dragon of Acireale

Paris of Teano and the Dragon of Teano

Patrick [a] and the Serpents of Ireland

Patrick [b]

Patrick [c]

Paulus Aurelianus of Léon (Pol de Léon) [a] and the Dragon of the Isle of Battha


Paulus Aurelianus [b]

Paulus Simplex (Haplos) and a dragon-demon in the Egyptian Desert

Paulus and Juliana of Nicomedia and the serpents of the sorcerers

Pavacius of le Mans and the Dragon of le Mans

Peregrinus and the Dragon of Caltabellotta

Perpetua and the dragon-vision

Peter of Athos and his vision of a dragon and its serpent army

Petroc (Pedrog) [a] and the Dragon of Cornwall

Petroc [b]

Philip, apostle [a] and the Echidna and the Dragons of Ophyorhyme; and the Dragon of Scythia

Philip [b]

Philip [c]

Polyxena and the dragon vision

Portianus and the wine serpent