Patrick [b]

Saint and Dragon Date of Text Citation Text/edition Language Translation
Patrick [b] AD 1200-10 Jocelin of Furness Vita S. Patricii §148, p. 574 AASS AASS Mar. ii, pp. 540-80; BHL no. 6513 Latin DSS no. 159


The most outstanding pastor raised his staff with the hand of the Lord Jesus, and by raising it in a threatening fashion he assembled in one place all the venomous creatures from every part of Ireland, with the help of an angel, and then he compelled them all to fl ee onto the highest promontory (which at that point was called Croagh, but is now called Croagh Patrick [in County Mayo]). And there he cast down the whole pestilential host from the sheer precipice of the mountain. At his command they slid from the edge and were swallowed up by the