Saints G – H

Gaudiosus of Salerno and the Dragon of Naples

George [a] and the Dragon of Lasia

George [b]

George [c]

George of Suelli in Sardinia and a serpent plague

Germanus (Germain) of Auxerre [a] and the Dragon of Trou Baligan

Germanus [b]

Gildas of Rhuys [a] and the Dragon of Rome

Gildas [b]

Girardus of Anjou and the Dragon of Brossay

Golinduch [a] and the Dragon of Babylon

Golinduch [b]

Gregory the Great [a] and the Dragon of the Tiber flood

Gregory [b]

Gregory [c]

Gudmund and a sea-dragon

Guthlac and the viper-demons

Hermas and a vision of a ketos-dragon

Hilarion [a] and the Dragon of Epidaurus in Dalmatia

Hilarion [b]

Hilarion [c]

Hilarus of Galatea and the serpent-demon of the grapes

Hilary of Poitiers [a] and the Serpents of Gallinaria

Hilary of Poitiers [b]

Honoratus of Arles [a] and the Serpents of the Île Saint-Honorat

Honoratus [b]

Honoratus [c]

Humiliana (Umiliana, Aemiliana) of Cerchi and the Devil-dragon

Hypatius and the dragon-demons